Sheila GruenwaldSheila Gruenwald, MA

Sheila brings a unique approach to corporate training, combining her passion for teaching with her love of the wilderness lifestyle. She specializes in helping organizations and communities create and expand successful models to advance personal skills. Her forte is in leadership development, communication, team building and personal development programs. She applies her years of experience with her M.A. in Leadership and Training to create an innovative learning experiences.

An expert in all aspects of safety in the wilderness, Sheila takes an active volunteer role in Search and Rescue, involved in both land and air rescue and in training others as the CASARA Central Zone Training Officer for B.C.  She is committed to teaching others to safely enjoy the outdoors, instructing courses in Firearms Safety, Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness Survival, and hunting safety.


Certified Instructor in Good Standing

  • Insignia College
  • RCMP Canadian Firearms Safety Course
  • BC Wildlife Federation
  • SOLO Wilderness Medical School
  • Green Seal Safet Certified
  • Thompson Rivers University
  • Justice Institute of BC


BC Representative for PEP/ Air Winter Survival Training 2011                                                                                                               

Jarvis Lake, Alberta

Nominated by Civil Air Search and Rescue Association (CASARA) National to represent BC in one time offer by the Military to conduct a Winter Survival Course at the SARTech Training School. Invited to train with SARTech trainers in a winter survival situation for 5 days.  Responsibiities stemming from this training is to assume a training role to other CASARA members through out BC.   

“In an outdoor classroom, all participants are challenged and learn something new about themselves- and I love it! Come join me! “ SG


Jason WestlakeJason Westlake, Amazon Jungle Retreats

Specializing in sales, leadership, INFLUENCE, time management, relationships, high-dollar clientele, fundraising, emotional development, entrepreneurship, and more, he's trained entrepreneurs, executives and successful professionals in a six-step approach to influencing any business relationship. Asked his thoughts about the issues plaguing men in business, Jason offered this: "Most men come to me seeking more MONEY, status and prestige. In training with me, most men end up with not only more money, but deeply fulfilling personal and professional relationships, a true understanding of their purpose, and greater meaning and joy in their lives. Most men are looking for something that they are missing. They think money is the answer. In the end, they get what money cannot provide."

Jason is a results-oriented, rubber-meets-the-road coach and trainer for entrepreneurs, executives and successful professionals, with over six years of experience in the psychology of influence, emotional development and the art of creating high-paying clientele. He's helped hundreds of men and women master the art of influence in all sorts of business relationships from sales to leadership to high-dollar deals and more. He currently consults exclusively with a small handful of clients each year.

A major part of Jason's work includes an exclusive men's leadership retreat in the Amazon Jungle each year. In the jungle, clients learn to strip away the outside world, listen to their own intuition and learn from the wisdom of Mother Nature. In coming face to face with jaguars, native tribes and a world like 'Avatar,' men get REAL and RAW incredibly quick.

With a natural skill set in the realms of emotion, relationships and influence combined with a deep love for nature, wildlife and exploration, Jason has effectively combined the two to provide a truly unique experience for men in leadership roles.

Lauren Phillips RPF, President of OVERhang Education Center

Lauren is driven by a love of people and adventure.  Her unique career and experiences in resource management, teaching and mentorship, wilderness safety, and outdoor recreation all point to the common themes of healthy communities, sustainable ecosystems, and challenging people to live their lives fully in this amazing world of ours.  Lauren seeks out opportunities to learn, teach, and collaborate in working through the challenges presented by high risk natural environments, diverse worldviews, and exciting adventures.

With her Bachelor of Science in Forestry, a Registered Professional Forester designation, experience in project management, a passion for teaching, and an entrepreneurial spirit, Lauren faces challenges with zest, strategy, and a fiercely human warmth.

Lauren mentors a staff of over 30 dynamic individuals and multiple contract instructors to deliver a high caliber outdoor training center, climbing gym, and fitness facility.  She travels to instruct swiftwater rescue and river ice safety courses, coordinate search and rescue prevention strategies across Canada, and to find her own recreational adventures on rivers and mountains around the world.

Current Expertise and Involvements:

  • Owner of OVERhang Education Center Ltd
  • Swiftwater and Ice Rescue Instructor for Rescue Canada
  • Outdoor Skills and Leadership instructor for the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC)
  • Forester and Safety Coordinator for Nahanni Construction
  • Project Manager for SPC (Search and Rescue Prevention Canada)
  • Assistant Training Coordinator for Prince George Search and Rescue (PGSAR), as well as a GSAR instructor, Team Leader, and member of numerous specialty teams including rope rescue, avalanche, swiftwater, ice, snowmobile, and ATV teams
  • Adventure Smart trainer
  • Civil Air Search and Rescue volunteer spotter, and Liaison with Ground SAR

Honors and Awards:

  • Nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year award by the Prince George Chamber of Commerce in 2014 and 2015
  • Received a Top 40 Under 40 award by the Prince George Chamber of Commerce in 2013.
  • Finalist in New Entrepreneur of 2013 award of the Prince George Business Excellence Awards.
  • Presented with a Special Recognition award by Prince George Search and Rescue in 2011/2012, Instructor of the Year award in 2010/ 2011, as well as Recruit of the Year and recognised for highest marks in GSAR training for 2007/08.
  • Honoured with the ABCFP graduating prize for best essay, for “Chilean Forests: Opportunities and Challenges through Global Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol, & the Clean Development Mechanism”
  • Received the Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation’s “National Award” full scholarship (now the “Loran Award”) for academics, service, leadership, sports, and community involvement, 1999-2003.


Paul Brent Paul Brent- Co-Owner of Brent Enterprises  Specialty Training (B.E.S.T)

Edutainer Extraordinaire-  “Can you find the humor in it?”

Paul possesses a deep want to make you laugh, to bring humor to the unhumorous and to inspire hope. His vast knowledge in working with people from an engaging entertainment perspective and his personal experiences will draw you into the course and open your mind to incredible learning.  And you will be having fun while you are doing it. Paul is skilled at bringing his personality from the front of the room into your hearts.

Paul is a brick layer by trade, one of the top graduates from S.A.I.T.  His attention to details and desire to produce high quality are part of his cornerstone concepts for communication building and foundation for life lessons.  An entertainer by heart and driven by a deep passion for people.  Paul has 20 years of coaching experience. His prime focus has always been on the well- being of people. He is the one who will challenge you with questions like:  “What is your life worth to you?” or “Are you aware of how your actions impact your life and your family?”  His bright, animated and entertaining way of asking will have you thinking and reflecting.

For almost ten years Paul instructed workforce training at the Northern Lights College, bringing humor to the world of safety training. Greater opportunities to impact the lives of others pulled him from his work there.

Paul has spent twenty years being involved in the oil and gas industry. This time in the industry gives Paul a great understanding of the challenges faced by leaders and how he can help them with these challenges.

Paul understands the work-life balance challenge. As a father of four and a grand-father of three he has mastered the balancing act. His antidotal perspective on life will both challenge you and give you skills that you can take forward in your life and career.

Certified Instructor in Good Standing

  • Strength Deployment Inventory Facilitator
  • Master Instructor Trainer
  • Enform H2S Alive
  • Ives Mobile Equipment - counter balanced forklift
  • Green Seal Certified Safety Instructor - sessional instructor trainer

 Expertise and Involvement

  • Current Co-Owner of Brent Enterprises Specialty Training (B.E.S.T) A First Nations owned and operated business in North West BC
  • Karaoke Entertainer
  • Co-hosted a radio talk show Peacefm 2016
  • Participant in the Oil and Gas Summit 2015
  • Global Petroleum Show Presenter- 2013
  • M.C for Northern Health Service Awards Banquet
  • Commentator for Northern Lights Raceway
  • Volunteer Host for the Dawson Creek Rage Junior A Hockey Team, at the Encana Event center



Steve RichburgSteve Richburg, Forest Protection Officer at BC Government

Steve Richburg has spent many years of providing various types of leadership roles related to the public service, within his profession career and volunteer related activities.

A Keen Conservationist 

 1975- 2006    Professional Trapper during winter season

1992- 2005   B.C. Trapper Education Program Instructor and a Provincial Aboriginal trapper training Liaison supporting the protection of wildlife habitat and conservation practices of the furbearing wildlife species

1983- 1995   Horse Rancher and Hunting Guide and Outfitter 

1998- 2003   Wildlife Habitat Research Field Crew supervisor

1998- 2006   Wildlife Field Technician on various wildlife related research projects

1976- 2016   Professional Tracker (wildlife, horses, missing persons, wild fire cause investigations)

1975- 2016   BC Forest Service Lookout Person, Forest Protection Assistant / BC Wildfire Service Forest Protection Officer

1997 -2016   Professional volunteer for B.C. Provincial Emergency Program Ground Search Rescue - Highway Rescue, Ground Search Rescue, Coroner’s assistance (subject recovery)

1996- 2016 - Provincial Wildfire Investigator BC Wildfire Service

Instructor in Good Standing for the Following Programs

-  SDI Strength Deployment Inventory Facilitator

- RECLAIM Master Instructor Trainer

- Instructor of FI 210 Wildland Fire Origin and Cause Determination Course   2008 - 2016

- British ColumbiaGSAR Ground Search and Rescue Instructor,

 -Ground Search Rescue Manager, GSAR Team Leader,

 -GSAR Tracking Skills

- Instructor of the BC Wildfire Service training series   

-S346 Wildland fire Site Rehabilitation,

- S100 Basic Fire Fighter Fundamentals,

-FI 110 First Responder Fire Cause and Origin Scene Protection

-Received First Second and Advanced degrees of the Usui Shiki Ryoho system of Reiki healing treatments

-Received the Advanced L-381 Incident Leadership training for Incident Management Teams to support professional Emergency Incident response leadership roles


-Received a British Columbia Wildfire Service Recognition Award in Mentorship for excellence in staff development


Facilitators in Training

Crystal Kalalest, Art Animation & Design

Crystal has a talent to draw and use different mediums in art. She is away right now, attending the Art Institute of Vancouver for Art Animation & Design.

Crystal created Art Splash for kids 6 & up, she teaches them how to draw as well as painting and opening up their imagination to creativity. There is no such thing as I don't know how to draw with Crystal.

Crystal is currently working on life drawing, digital imaging, 3D Concepts, Animation, Drawing & Perspective and further more...learning new things everyday.

Though art is Crystal's main focus she has a varied portfolio of experiences and certifications.

  • MIT (Masters Instructors Training)
  • Canadian Injury Prevention workshop,
  • Youth Leadership,
  • Youth Resource Worker
  •  Youth Pre-entrepreneurial
  • Tourism Training
  • Bear & Cougar Aware
  •  Wilderness Hazards & Safety
  •  Advanced Wilderness First Aid


Editors Choice Award for Poetry


Sheldon SamraSheldon Samra


Sheldon holds an impressive portfolio of experiences and certifications.

Sheldon has been assistant coaching for Reclaim for five years, both in the classroom and in the field. No Wilderness Survival course is complete without his vast knowledge of survival, hunting, and trapping. He has an incredible ability to relate to youth and also hold his position of authority.

Sheldon has achieved both the Bronze and Silver levels of the Duke of Edinburgh Award and is currently working towards Gold qualifications. In both 2014 and 2015 Sheldon was awarded the Lord Strathcona Award for excellence. It is the highest awared which can be bestowed upon a Canadian Cadet in recognition of exemplary performance in physical and military training.

  • Basic Parachutist              Trenton, Ontario                                             
  • Warrant Officer                 3064 Rocky Mountain Rangers  
  • Grade 12                          Graduated 26 extra credits                         
  • Leadership & Challenge       Cochrane, Alberta                                        
  • Pre-para                            Vernon,BC                                        
  • Fitness & Sports Instructor Vernon, BC                                       
  • Basic Fitness & Sports        Vernon, BC                                          
  • Standard First Aid, Level C  Vernon, BC
  • Wilderness First Aid            Wilderness Medical Society                       


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