The Communications course will inspire authentic communication between people in the workplace.

Active listening principles will be taught and practiced in a group setting. This is one of Reclaims favourite choices for delivery; the communication course offers adaptable teaching through responsive interactive learning. The course covers:

  • Active listening (the art of listening)
  • Understanding what people are hearing when you communicate
  • Adaptive communication skill building to the ever-changing environments
  • Communicating through positive reinforcement
  • Understanding the legacy you leave through the way you communicate

Large non-profit organizations through to smaller organizations have benefited greatly by learning to have productive communication with subordinates and supervisors alike. We do most of our work through conversations.

The ability to have good conversations is a critical competency for all managers, be the front line or the CEO. 

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” George Bernard Shaw.

Course Length: Join us for a 1 day course or challenge yourself and your team in the advanced 3 day version.


Course Fee: $3500/day per group

Group Size: up to 12.  Additional participants $275 each/day

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