Warriors Journey

The Warriors Journey will inspire you to build on your experience and to analyze your leadership and communication style.  You will discover your true leadership potential.

Through the process of the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI), you will journey to a deeper self-awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses as a leader. You will discover the skills required to drive performance, facilitate change and develop a leadership culture within your community.

You and your team will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and delve into the aspects of conflict resolution.

This program has been uniquely designed on a per community basis. It is open to a group of six to eight community members, which would ultimately include: The Chief, two council member, two female role models (age 19-24 and 25+), and two male role models (age 19-24 and 25+).




The Communication workshop inspires authentic communication for individuals and organizations. It covers topics such as:

  • Improving relationships based on communication
  • Building relationships for success
  • Learning to ask critical questions
  • The art of listening.
  • Becoming an active listener
  • Learning techniques

Better communication delivers better outcomes in every situation. Our popular communication course is designed to help you build consensus to get desired results in the toughest environments.


Imagine what a determined team can do for your organization. Wise leaders understand that high functioning teams increase the bottom line through improved productivity, better interpersonal relationships and higher retention rates.

A culture of learning is alert to concepts that will foster advancement.  As people grow, they begin to teach themselves, this inspires creativity, which also creates loyalty, and that loyalty translates profitability.

Results: More time to deal with relevant issues that will move your community forward

Presentation Skills

Being able to articulate your visions is the key element to leading a team. Effective leaders know that having the full team “on board” results in the efficient completion of relevant projects.

Results: Less time spent on each project, the ability to complete more projects, ability to communicate community visions to others.



Engage youthful energy to inspire identification of traditional roles.

Mentor the willing youth into strong effective leaders and visionaries of tomorrow.

Share the lesson already learned to accelerate the success of your 1) Children 2) Youth 3) Community.

Build a strong team that represents multiple generations.


The Warriors Journey         

Empower your community with the skills that will last a lifetime. This intensive 5 day course is a solid foundation that will build on current relationships & teach the 3 core skills that build strong leaders. Reclaim will collaborate with you to create specific goals for your journey. We will also do two follow-up sessions with you to help you keep focused and on track.

This program is designed in a format that supports both class learning and experiential learning. Participants are encouraged to bring their knowledge forth and share with the rest of the team.

Evening activities are designed to solidify relationships within your community and with people who you will meet there.

Course Fee: $12,500

Course Length: 5 days

Group Size: 6 - 8 

Contact Sheila: Sheila@rctraining.ca  or call 250-305-7242

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