Most of us hope to never see one. However, avalanches are actually very common in the back country areas of our wilderness (and often Mother Nature has plans of her own). When those white slopes are covered in winter powder it is a beautiful time. It is also important that we understand not only the very real danger of winter, but the right things to do so that we don’t find ourselves in trouble as a result of that danger.

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Mar 1, 2017

Choosing a location for a shelter in the wilderness is one of the most important parts of being able to survive for prolonged periods. There are many places where a shelter can be built, but location is everything! You wouldn’t build your house under an avalanche site, would you?


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Feb 23, 2017

Survival skills are a critical part of development for children and young adults.
Reclaim Corporate Training provides programs to help develop these crucial skills through their non-profit organization Falcon’s WATER (Wilderness Adventure Training and Education Retreat) Society. We take the time to teach our children how to safely cross the street from one side to the other, to be cautious around strangers and how to avoid all manner of naturally occurring hazards within the cities or towns that we live in. However, have you ever wanted to take your son or daughter into the wilderness but were uncertain as to whether or not they would have the knowledge and ability to safely perform in a setting they were unfamiliar with?
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Feb 16, 2017

Ask yourself this question: if I were stranded in the wilderness with a group of my friends, would I have all of the necessary skills to be able to help them if they truly needed it?
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Feb 9, 2017

Having multiple effective ways to signal for help can make all the difference in a survival situation where outside help is warranted! Distress signals can take many forms, from high-tech modern electronics to the primitive techniques and materials that our ancestors would have used.
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Feb 2, 2017

Welcome back! This will be a lengthy read so you might want to grab a cup of coffee and snack before sitting down at your computer. In our last entry we discussed the basic steps for creating a fire, as well as how to craft a Bow and Drill for starting your fire. Now we need to gather the appropriate fuel for our fire as well!
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Jan 22, 2017

You probably think if you’ve seen one fire you’ve seen them all, right?  Well...
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Jan 9, 2017

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