Introducing Falcon's WATER

Jul 25, 2016

Did you know that Reclaim now has 176ha of property near 100 Mile House BC for Wilderness and Corporate Training? We have been working towards this for two years and took possession in May this year. We were able to host one course there this summer and have been working at developing the property for an amazing 2016!

The focus of this setting is to provide a wilderness experience in a safe environment. Experiences will range from taking wilderness specific training courses to enjoying hikes, viewing platforms for conservationists, wildlife lovers, painters and photographers. The training is a subset of the experience.

Our goal is to have the site used by a cross section of locals and tourists. Relationships in the community play an important role in the success of our operation. Contact with snowmobile clubs, archery clubs, mountain biking organizations, cross country skiers and runners, schools, universities and corporations will promote a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship. (If you represent any of those organizations or others who are interested please contact us! I am systematically contacting all whom I know) We want this site to be a sought after destination for locals and tourists alike.

The site is proposed to be 100% green and eco-friendly in its construction, operation and products chosen.  Reclaim Personal Development's eco-friendly commitment goes as far as to include the food that is served to the clients. Being environmentally aware is not a trend it is a life style and commitment to the betterment of the wilderness because of our involvement. The more people that are reconnected with the wilderness can only result in a greater consciousness of respect and therefore guardianship of the wilderness.

The site will be accessed via an existing old logging road. Winter access to the site will be by snowmobile dog sled and for the adventurous of heart- snow shoeing.

It is important to note that the site will be left as natural as possible. We fully understand the importance that rotting logs play in the stability of the eco-system. The paths between tents will be cleared while the remainder of the grounds are to remain 100% natural. The existing strawberry and blue berry bushes are to remain intact.

The riparian area between the site and lake will remain as is with the exception of moderate development of an existing trail. The only modifications that will be made are to cut out of wind fall that has crossed the trail or is hung up and the addition of solar lights.

I hope you all come and have an adventure at Falcon's WATER. Please share this post with those who would love to participate in this type of adventure.

This property serves corporate clients as well as community members and community based organizations!

Let the wilderness be your classroom!


Stay Safe, Play Hard

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