Youth Wilderness Survival Age 10+

Feb 16, 2017

Youth Wilderness Survival (10+)

Something as simple as a hiking, camping or a hunting trip with your family can often lead to an emergency situation due to the unpredictable attitude of Mother Nature! Skills like cooking, wilderness first aid and the ability to craft a proper shelter in a wilderness environment are extremely important skills for young adults to build, improve upon and carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Teaching these skills to our children at a young age is just as important as any of the other life skills that we take the time to teach early on, if not more so, and being able to draw upon these skills in a time of need will improve your child’s confidence and ability to adapt to situations that occur when they might least expect it. We all want our children to be as safe as possible and that truly is the ultimate goal for us as parents.

Falcon’s WATER Society offers a top of the line Youth Wilderness Survival program for children and young adults aged 10 and up that can teach your child or young adult the skills they need to be able to deal with all manner of events in a wilderness situation or emergency scenario.

Your child will learn the importance of basic bush craft skills, settings snares to catch animals for food and how to properly start a fire and use it to cook meals. In the wilderness first aid course your child will even learn the correct way to treat animal and bug bites to prevent infection or worse. What if you or someone else is hurt as a result of a rock slide or a simple slip and fall that injures your arm or leg? The importance of knowing how to bandage an injury or create a splint, build a stretcher or package a patient (that patient could be a member of your family or your best friend) for treatment could be the difference between life and death in a harsh and unpredictable situation.

Your child or young adult will spend four days outdoors camping in the wilderness with a highly trained professional who has been teaching and putting these skills to use for their entire life. All of these skills are taught through a very fun and extremely interactive survival game that is designed to be easy to learn and remember!

Register now and put your child or young adult on the path to independence!

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