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Feb 9, 2017

Youth Wilderness Leadership (16+) Blog #1 (02/28/2017)


Reclaim Corporate Training enables young adults of ages 16 and up to advance toward the next level of wilderness survival with their specialized Youth Wilderness Leadership program provided through their non-profit organization Falcon’s WATER (Wilderness Adventure Training and Education Retreat) Society. Survival in the wilderness is much more than simply learning how to build a fire, trap and cook meals and treat an injury—also having the leadership skills to combine with your basic survival skills is absolutely essential.

Do you know how to dress appropriately for wilderness conditions? Do you know how to prevent conflicts between human beings and wildlife? Would you be able to help an injured friend or family if they were in a life threatening situation? These are the questions you need to be asking yourself before setting out into the wilderness. Understanding the psychology of survival is just as important as being able to perform the physical tasks that are required. Young adults who build these skills will have the advantage of being able to call on them well into adulthood and beyond.

Youth Wilderness Leadership through Falcon’s WATER is a comprehensive, 192 hour program that will instruct your young adult with hands-on training in areas of advanced development, such as:

-          Team Dynamics and the importance of Leadership

-          Proper Trip Planning and Preparation

-          Wildlife Conflict Prevention and Response

-          Wilderness First Aid Scenarios

-          Advanced Structure Construction

-          Bat and Bee Research

-          Creating Improvised Floatation Devices

-          Growing and Harvesting Food

-          Learning about Invasive Species

There are three basic components that are often ignored when your young adult is involved in a wilderness scenario, either expected or unexpected. Those three components are:  the Psychology of Survival, Enemies of Survival and the Survival Pack. The Youth Wilderness Leadership program provided by Falcon’s WATER will educate your young adult in each of these vital fundamentals for advanced wilderness survival. This program is based on the same program used by our nations Search and Rescue Technicians (SAR-Techs). 

The list above is only a small fraction of the material covered during this program and combining it with the basic wilderness survival skills will ensure that your young adult has access to all of the skills they need to feel self-reliant and confident in their ability to lead and provide invaluable help during a wilderness scenario.

All training provided is thoroughly reviewed upon completion of the program to assure that your young adult retains and carries this knowledge with them proudly for the rest of their lives. Learning is only half the battle, knowing when and how to put your knowledge to use is the other.

The next program takes place this summer. Cost of this advanced program is $2400 per participant and is a culmination of:

-          Wilderness First-Aid (certified by the Wilderness Medical Society)

-          Wilderness Survival (developed and delivered by Reclaim Corporate Training)

-          Outdoor Leadership and Dynamics (developed and delivered by OVERhang Education Center)

-          Structure Building (provided by Jeremy Walker)


This program is extremely flexible and this top tier team of highly trained experts will guarantee that your young adult receives the training they require. Special needs youth are able to be accommodated and are highly welcomed to take part. It includes a rich and diverse cultural component as well where clients may request time for speaking or drumming, visits from Elders who will take the time to share their personal wisdom with the participants, as well as guest speakers who are professionals in their field of choice.

Youth Wilderness Survival is an extremely comprehensive and highly recommended program. Register now and give your son or daughter a head start on the road to maturity and adulthood.



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