Falcon's WATER Society

Mar 27, 2017

Falcon’s WATER Society is nestled on the edge of a beautiful wilderness lake on a pristine 176 hectares. Our focus is to affect positive change in the lives of children in youth. We facilitate this in the wilderness, connecting each participant with self via training and wilderness experiences.

Our philosophies are out of the sandbox- unique and powerful. Our premise of learning is transformational learning; creating a change in the process of thinking and utilizing information. We believe in all youth and offer courses to all nationalities. This inclusive, pan-aboriginal/pan-cultural approach adds depth and perspective beyond the curriculum. An example of transformational learning would be showing the different results between using a one to one leverage system verses a three to one leverage system. We then take this information from the field and apply it to the way we function in our daily lives.  We believe in affecting positive change in and through wilderness training.


WHY Falcon’s WATER Society

We offer a unique methodology to our training and at the end of every training we are able to offer certifications in many of the courses. We work with many other organizations: BCWF, Stone Hearth Open Learning (Wilderness First Aid), Canadian Firearms Safety Course, Rescue Canada, Green Seal Safety Certified, Insignia College to name just a few. The quality of education taught at Falcon’s WATER is second to none.

Wilderness Adventure Opportunities: mountain biking, kayaking, canoeing, water safety, GPS, orienteering, swimming, survival, hiking, camp cooking, bird watching, animal viewing, bat viewing, monitoring and counting and much much more.

Falcon’s WATER also advertises internationally bringing tourism to our area. We have had guests from Germany and England who were completely enthralled with the majestic beauty of BC. Summer 2017 we will be hosting a Swiss Work-away worker so she can experience all that BC has to offer.

Past participants have gained a respect for conservation and wilderness awareness making them better stewards of our lands and resources.


HOW are we being successful?

Falcon’s WATER Society (Wilderness Adventure Training and Education Retreat) shares their vision with the community. We have developed or are developing relationships with the schools, Search and Rescue, Snowmobile clubs, local trappers and local hunters. We believe it takes a community to raise a child and the more participation that we have from community members the greater the ripple effect will be. We have a long standing, twenty plus years, relationship with many of the First Nations communities in and around the Williams Lake and 100 mile area and we are developing cohesive work relationships with the First Nations of the North West. In fact six of the coaches working at Falcon’s WATER are of First Nations decent: Shuswap, Chilcotin and Kitselas. We are offering a full mentorship program for our coaches to ensure that they become successful entrepreneurs.

As a society we are now able to apply for funding to give more youth the opportunity to experience "camp". We will be reaching out to the community to to identify youth who are worthy recipients of this funding. We are also looking for companies, foundations and individuals to support our youth. If you are interested or know people who are please contact sheila@rctraining.ca

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