What Is Court Defensible?

Legally Defensible Evidence:

In courts, the strongest form of evidence is video. It will always have a higher defensibility than ticks in boxes, exams, certificates or testimonies. (Proven in case law in Canada *R. v. Nikolovski 1996)

Canada has very strict, yet clear rules on what constitutes legal defensibility and our process meets and exceeds all these legal conditions when used correctly. We can capture video (via the mobile app) and send it directly into the user's competency profile. When it arrives in its original format, the file is embedded into the competency unit/profile that is relevant.

As video can clearly demonstrate skills, safety, knowledge, language, behaviours, and risk without the need for exams or testimonies it removes many associated failings or the lack of transparency in current systems. Yet our system can go even further, with its patented time index technology, the video footage can even be linked to specific outcomes, with instant recall for audit and compliance purposes.

For example, Rolls Royce Aeronautical use it for Engineering, Nuclear Submarine construction and the Euro-Fighter contract to ensure not only defensible proof of compliance and skills, but also as an assurance in any ISO or Health and Safety related audit or inspection.

“Skills and working safely can no longer be inferred or accepted without clear proof. No longer can we accept evidence at face value without a better process to prove beyond doubt they are competent and safe to work” - Alberta Skiba: (Gulf of Mexico) Vice President (2014) about Competence in Canada.

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