Sheila's successful approach to leadership and training is evident in her own personal results oriented lifestyle. Her ability to balance a busy daily schedule with commitments to family, business and a very active community involvement would be an object lesson in organization and planning for anyone. The energy and positive enthusiasm she applies in her leadership practice in combination with her teaching background help provide a fast track to learning. I think anyone would be well served to be the recipient of the leadership training Sheila offers.

Doug Ablett
Mill Superintendent
Mount Polley Mines
formerly Mill Superintendent, Nanisivik Mines

As Executive Director of the BC Wildlife Federation, BC's largest conservation organization, it is important that I bring the highest quality trainers and consultants to my board and staff team. Not only have I been struck by Sheila's skill, competence and terrific work ethic in her training and facilitation, but by her ability to bring her very big heart into the work that she does.

Patti MacAhonic
BA Adult Ed, MBA
Executive Director
BC Wildlife Federation

I hired Sheila to develop and lead a workshop on conflict resolution to my staff of eight. The workshop was well-organized. The feedback I received from staff was all positive, and they found the workshop to be constructive and effective. Subsequent to the workshop, the level of staff interpersonal conflict was much reduced, and I found the attitudes and productivity of the staff much improved. I would recommend Sheila for any organization that desires to improve its inter-staff relations and increase productivity.

Jonathan Proctor
BSc., O.D.
Owner of Selkirk Eyecare

I have worked with Sheila as a volunteer in PEP/Air Search and Rescue since 2005. During this time she has easily become qualified in several rolls. I have found her to be a focused individual that follows her passions with boundless energy. She quickly grasps new concepts and readily communicates them. Her nine plus years of devotion to our work is above our norms.

Dave Ireland
Area Air Deputy
Deputy Zone Commander Central Zone/Pilot


I really enjoyed this WFA course . As a beginner in the first aid training I have found it very informative and interesting. It was a real pleasure to learn from the confident, friendly and knowledgeable instructor! She provided tones of useful information not only about the wilderness first aid, but about survival skills and methods as well. Thank you, Sheila! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend the WFA refresher course in October. Thank you for the great job you guys are doing!

Luda Karpachova

I feel that the survival course was very well done. The classroom session was very helpful and the booklet given to us, had very good information to prepare us for the real thing. Our weekend exercise was very useful to me. I learned a lot about wilderness survival and I feel safer now knowing what I know. I am much more prepared, should I ever have to use the skills I have learned in this course. I would not change anything about this course. Not only did I learn a lot, but it was also fun. I would highly recommend this course to all members of CASARA.

Thank you.

From Sheila:
Carlos is one of Kamloops’ Pilots. We had some amazing conversations. I learned from Carlos the importance of this course for people who are not native to our region.

Carlos Valerio

As a social being, what I found fascinating was that we had a period of 12 hours of total "isolation"; we were separated to experience the feelings of solitude, which could happen if you were the only survivor. - You can guess how I felt 50 meters from the others, and how I dealt with what went through my mind, when I heard the sounds of twigs snapping and branches breaking in the middle of the night. A large wild animal was actually walking through the forest, very close by... Yes! I was not dreaming! I found the biggest piece of bark to make the most smoke to keep that "creature" away. The smoke kept the mosquitoes from buzzing my ears too!

Sheila, my only suggestion is that we have more of these valuable survival courses, to give the opportunity for everyone, young and old, to benefit from your wisdom. Thank you for sharing.

Françoise Baroux

Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Education (CORE)

Very informative, very good class. Now I can take all my information I learned today and be safe and confident with guns.
Corey Rowley

Sheila made the CORE and PAL fun, entertaining and educational all at the same time. Great Experience.


Awesome teacher makes learning fun and interesting. Easy to ask any questions.

Bre Finnie

Was a great course, very informative. Sheila kept it light hearted but serious. Any questions you had she was willing to answer.

I thoroughly enjoyed the PAL course. Sheila is a fantastic teacher, very helpful and informative. I would highly recommend anyone taking their PAL course with her.


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