Leadership and Training Diploma

Program Overview

This leadership program leverages experience and relationship building, to deliver vastly integrated learning, which explores the demands of leadership and the skills that are required to lead effectively.

Successful leaders know their significance lies not only in managing teams and organizations, but in inspiring others, setting focused goals, executing strategic visions, and creating cultures with merit.

This program is designed to challenge your perceptions about leadership and the values that shape it, encouraging you to think differently. From exploring power and influence and organizational change to developing authentic communication habits, to understanding and appreciating your teams learning styles, the Leadership and Training program will enhance your skills as a leader.

Leadership and Training Diploma Courses

  1. Advanced Communication
  2.  Advance Team Building
  3.  Advance Leadership
  4.  Stress Management in the Workplace
  5.  Advanced Wilderness Survival

TOTAL HOURS OF PROGRAM: 118      10 Credits

1. Advanced Communication

This module will delve deeper into the art of communication. Participants will explore communication styles and theories that will help them be more successful in the world. Participants will study the work of Robert E. Quinn and learn how to accomplish extraordinary results in their lives.

2. Advanced Team Building

Building on the skills from the introductory level this module will further sharpen the skills required to become an effective team builder. Participants will add to their current skills to inspire others to have full engagement on their team. They will practice sharing their vision with a team from the community.

3. Advanced Leadership

The Art of leadership will introduce memory skills, brain-based learning, leadership values and creating synergy. Human error will be discussed as a factor to consider that may lead to unsafe acts- especially when dealing with high stress or high-risk circumstances. Participants will learn the difference between born leaders and trained leaders and how to groom the natural abilities to make strong leaders within their team.

4. Stress Management in the Workplace

This module will give participants the tools to deal with busy schedules and conflicting priorities. The new insights will enable them to create an effective system that will make their days productive rather than just busy.

5. Advanced Wilderness Survival

This course is designed for those who really want to challenge themselves in the wilderness environment. Most of the luxuries have been taken away and participants will be challenged to find the essentials they require for survival. While endeavouring to stay alive and warm participants will be required to navigate their way to the “finish line.”

Who should apply for the Leadership and Training program:

The Leadership and Training Diploma is right for you if:

  • You are gainfully employed in small-to-large organizations
  • You are eager to gain leadership skills to execute your new or current role better
  • You are a first-level manager or supervisor in any industry

If you’re interested in developing stronger leadership skills to help you in your current work or to advance your career, be sure to check with your employer as you may receive industry-sponsorship to help cover costs for additional education.

Who is this program designed for?

This program is designed for the part-time adult learner. Courses may be scheduled on evenings and weekends. The courses are seminar and practical hands-on based which means they are not graded. Learning is experiential in nature with an introduction to the concept followed by application.

For further information contact sheila@rctraining.ca 250-305-7242

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